Monday, October 24, 2005

City Stories

Need a story from the city beat? There's a forum for the mayoral candidates tonight (Tuesday) at the Crystal Theater. Otherwise, check out the City Council committee meetings this week. Looks to me like the Public Works Committee has the juiciest agenda: a discussion on the city's space needs (think council chambers) and a plan to rebuild sidewalks in some areas of town (controversial if homeowners have to kick in).

You're also free to follow up on some issue that struck your fancy Monday night. (When and how will the council consider replacing Lovegrove?) Other prime prospects include various scheduled forums for City Council candidates this week at several neighborhood councils. If your candidate is debating his foe, cover the debate and make contact. You'll be glad you did. (Check with organizers before you go to make sure the forum is still on.)

Other ideas? Share them with the class.

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