Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hey, It's Only Money

Now that you've crunched the numbers on Ourtown's budget, you must have a couple of burning questions for Ourtown's budget director. Go ahead, post your best shots, but support those incisive inquiries with facts you've found. Be nice but firm.

Oh, and remember that for class Wednesday, I want you to bring a written proposal for an in-depth project.


D. Robert Davis said...

1. with the current aquatics issue lingering, why was the amount of money budgeted for the parks left at $900,000?

2. why did the city attorney get a huge bump but the police take a hit? isn't that ironic?


TimD said...

What is the reason for the increase in city attorney's allocation?

With population and housing increasing, how does the budget for fire, health, and police stay not increase? What are the effects on these services?

Answer: 4.17 mills

kilynch said...

Why is the City Attorney's office receiving a $1 million increase?
Why is the budget for the police department decreasing by $200,000?

How many mils?
1250000/300000= 4.2 mils

persond223 said...

Question 1: What services will the City Attourney be able to provide with $1 Million increase?

Question 2: What Police services will be cut due to the $200,000 cut their budget?

More Mills: 4.17 more mills will have to be levied.

P. Kurt Bulger said...

Questions: Why did you decide to raise property taxes and what's the raise going to be? Why is the city attorney getting so much more money and what are the consequences.

There will have to be 4 and 1/6 mills passed to get the extra $1,250,000 from property taxes.

eat that duval

ian said...

1) The city police dept. is losing $200000 next year. What are the consequences of that kind of cut on the department and on public safety?
2) What effects will the city health department losing $20000 have on citizens of Ourtown that rely on public health services?

Ourtown citizens will pay 4.17 mills more next year than this year.

D. Robert Davis said...

never mind on that last post...this isnt Missoula

1. Why did the city attorney get a huge bump but the police take a hit?

2. Does the 16.67% increase in the mayor's budget constitute a pay raise? what is it for?

4.1666666666 mills... round that baby up 4.17

And I'm a really good dancer too said...

1. Why the $1 million increase for the city attorney's office? What will be the immediate and long-term consequences of this?

2. Why the 5.41% decrease in the police budget? Which resources will be affected first and how will they be affected?

3. About 4.17 more mills.

danny person owes me money said...

Was the public library a low priority when balancing this years budget?

Why is the city attorney getting an extra million George Washington's?

4.1699999 mills

Patrick Cross said...

A. 1. Why are sewerer revenue changes twice that of sewer expense changes
2. Will public works/sewer expenses be different between different wards

B.about 4.2 mills more (32.66 mills to 36.86 mills)

people won't talk to me said...

1. Why is there a $1 million increase in the city attorney's budget next year and what will the consequences be to other departments?

2. Why is there going to be a decrease in the police Budget? What areas in the police department will be cut.


count'em quick karl said...

1) Why is city attorney getting such an increase? What are the consequences?
2) Why did the parks budget stay the same even with the big aquatics project funding debacle?

Mill- 4.17

jacob said...

1. The city attorney budget has risen 500 percent. Why is this necessary?

2. The police are facing a 5 percent budget cut next year. Why is this so, given the rise in street violence in Missoula?

3. Property taxes must be raised 4.17 mills to account for the property tax increase.

Brenna said...

1. I understand the need for the increase in public works funding, but due to the recent increase in beatings and assaults in Missoula, what was the reason for the cut in the police budget? Shouldn't we be increasing their budget to lower these incidents?

2. Why hasn't the fire department received an increase when the plan to initiate a new fire station is in the works? Has the funding for that project already been accounted for in this year's budget?

The county will levy 4.17 more mills this year as opposed to last year.

karl said...

1.Sewer fees increased by $200,000, but the sewer budget only increased by $100,000. Where does that other $100,000 go?

2. Were attempts made to get more money from other areas other than property taxes?


Laureljwm said...

Is there any specific reason the city court's budget increase by 50% this year... what services have they needed to increase?

The library's funding was cut by 16%, will they be expected to seek private funding?

about 4.17 more mills