Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Beats!

Here's how the assignments worked out. If anyone would rather cover the local economy or K-12 schools, I'll accept requests for changes there.

Local economy – Brian Gaul
Missoula’s K-12 schools – Amber Kuehn
Higher education – Sean Breslin
Missoula police and Missoula County sheriff’s dept. – Anne Pastore, Dillon Tabish
Local and federal courts – Colin O’Keefe, Karen Plant
City and County government – Katie Michel, Leslie Brown
Public health – Pat Carey, Miller Resor, Stacey Davis
Natural resources, energy, environment – James Laber, Alexandra Brosh, Oriana Turley
Transportation – Mike Handford
Diversity, minorities – Jessica Mayrer, Emma Schmautz

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